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The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence.

An Oifig Náisiúnta um Fhoréigean Baile, Gnéasach agus Inscnebhunaithe a Chosc

  1. Minister Ahern Launches National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence

 Minister Dermot Ahern launches National 5 Year Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender–based Violence 2010 - 2014

The Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Mr. Dermot Ahern T.D., today launched the first ever Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender–based Violence. The Strategy, for the five year period 2010 – 2014, was produced by Cosc–the National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender–based Violence which was established by the Government in June 2007.  

The strategy aims to deliver a well co–ordinated whole of Government response to this specific type of violence as it affects the lives of adults, both women and men, in Irish society.  The National Strategy is built on an extensive consultation process across the governmental sector, including the justice sector, the health sector, the education section, the housing sector and with the non- governmental sector.

Speaking at the launch in Dublin Castle, Minister Ahern said: "This government is tackling the violence and abuse suffered by women and men of a sexual and non sexual nature both within and outside the domestic scene.  These types of crimes often happen behind closed doors where there are no witnesses or, worst still, where the only witness is a child.  As a Government, we are saying No to Domestic Violence, No to Sexual Violence and No to all types of gender-based violence".

The implementation of the strategy aims to reduce the prevalence of these crimes, providing greater protection and support for the victims and survivors of such crimes, and ensuring the accountability of the perpetrators of such violence.
Minister Ahern continued : "The Government approved this National strategy in February and fully supports the implementation of all of the 23 actions set out in the strategy.  I want to emphasise the need for ongoing collaborative action across government departments involved in eradicating these crimes along with the co-operation between state and non state bodies involved in this area of work.

Today I launch much more than a document – I launch a vision of a society that says it will not tolerate, nor remain silent on, domestic, sexual or gender-based abuse and violence against another person in our neighbourhood and community.  The implementation of this strategy provides a clear direction to achieve this vision and this Government is strongly committed to its implementation".

9 March 2010

 Note for Editors
Cosc is the National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender – based Violence.  It is an executive office of the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, established by the Government in June 2007.
The word ‘Cosc’ is an Irish word and means to stop or to prevent.
Cosc’s vision statement is the implementation of a co-ordinated and effective whole of Government action on domestic, sexual and gender-based violence. This is achieved through facilitating action for the prevention of these crimes, the protection of victims and the provision of services for those affected.  Cosc works closely with existing service providers, (both state and non-governmental organisations) who provide services to support and protect victims and also with those who treat perpetrators.
Full details on the development of this 5 year National Strategy and the wide ranging consultations that paved the way for its development are available on the National Strategy page of this website

Work is already underway on the details of implementation of the strategy.